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What You Need To Know About Room Additions

Needs for additional living space may arise. You can adequately meet this need with a cost effective and popular solution in room expansion.

Benefits of room addition

The benefits of room addition are many and can include the addition of living area and maximization of living space for your family without having to change neighbourhoods and the additional value to your home because of the space added

Types of room additions

room addition

Room additions vary as per the nature of expansion and as per your unique needs. Types of room expansions include:

a) Single story room addition

Single story addition involves the addition and expansion of rooms to an already existing single story building. These additions include

Single room additions include kitchen expansions, master bedroom expansions and additions of bedrooms, the living room, dining and family rooms.

Exterior structure additions that involve the addition of a specific purpose room such as a garage, sunroom or porch.

Small extensions to an existing wall outward with an unsupported end or simply a bump out are also common ways to do a room addition.

Finally there is addition of a wing as an option of room addition. This involves the addition of multiple rooms to the already existing housing unit.

Advantages of single story room addition

Addition of a room outward is considered more cost effective to adding an additional floor. Another advantage worth noting is that single story room expansion allows you to leave in the house as the extension work continues as the roof is rarely removed. Room addition to a single story room also has little risk to the damage of the integrity of your home. Due to minimal demolition and interference to the house that is done during an expansion construction, the risk of damage to the integrity of the home is minimal.

Before undertaking a room addition it is advisable to understand the local building codes as some do not allow the construction of a second story.

Consulting a home extension builder can aid towards achieving your vision for the perfect room addition option that suits you needs.

b) Second story additions

This involves the addition of second story of additional floor space to the already existing single story house/ building. Second story expansion involves the building of additional rooms that encompass the whole house or a portion of it.

When undertaking a room expansion one has options of either doing it themselves or hiring professional contractors. It is also advisable to have a plan and a budget to allow for the monitoring of progress and the clear understanding of the ideal room to be added.