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Quick And Easy Tips To Painting Your House

Painting your house should be a fun and inexpensive activity for you and your family. It is less expensive for you to paint it by yourself and you can also add your own personal touch to the project. Aside from that, a good paint job can increase your house’s value if you want to sell it in the market. Here are some tips that you can use to make painting your home less messy and safe.

1. Experiment with paint samples on an unexposed part of your house’s walls first before investing on a gallon of your desired color. Although paint can be attractive on the cover, the color can look different when applied to your wall or surface. It is better to lose a few bucks on paint samples than be sorry.


2. Prepare the surfaces that will be painted. Dust and grime can cause bumps in the new coat of paint so make the walls as clean as possible. It is safe to paint over your house’s old coat of paint provided that it is in a good condition. Otherwise it is best to scrub the old coat off before applying the new one.

3. Work in a well-ventilated area as vapors escaping from the paint can be dangerous to your health. Be sure to wear safety gear like gloves as well. This is to avoid getting any paint on your clothes or body.

4. Prep the area where you intend to paint. Put drop cloths on the floors and masking tape on areas that should not be painted. It is less tedious to place these items than scraping off paint drops with razors.

5. Strain your paint through a paint strainer or discarded pantyhose before applying it to your walls. This will remove paint lumps that may have formed inside the can. Paint lumps can cause ugly blotches when painted to your walls.

6. Use aluminum foil to cover your painting tray before you start your project. The foil will prevent the paint from sticking to your tray which makes clean up much easier. You can simply peel the foil off the tray after you are done painting.

7. Select the right painting tool for the job. Rollers are great to save time and cover a wide area. Paintbrushes are more useful in corners where the ceiling or the floor meets the wall.

8. When painting your house, it is much cheaper to clean the paint off your brushes rather than buying new ones. However, the method of cleaning depends on the paint that you used. Latex paint can simply be removed by rinsing your paintbrush in running or hot water. Use mineral spirits when removing oil-based paints.

As with any endeavor, research and proper preparation can make the process of painting your house easier. Get your kids or friends involved in the process. This will make painting less of a chore and more of a fun bonding activity for everyone.